Non-Medical Plans

Health insurance is only one level of protection.  Consider asking for a quote for other policies that will protect your financial future.


Dental and Vision Plans

The health of our teeth, gums, and eyes are vital to the overall health of our bodies. Dental and Vision policies are affordable for most and can make a difference in the quality of your life.


Short-Term Medical Plans

Do you know what type of coverage is available to  you when you're waiting for your new employer plan to begin, or you want the assurance that you're protected before an open enrollment period arrives?  Short-Term Medical plans are designed to be temporary medical plans, which pay for your in-patient and out-patient provider services. 


Short and Long Term Disability

Would you be able to support your monthly expenses if you were not receiving a regular paycheck? Do you have a savings account, and would it cover your basic expenses for three to six months?


Long-Term Care Plans

Long-Term Care Insurance is designed to cover your care, including activities of daily living, when you no longer are eligible to receive health coverage through your medical insurance plan, Medicare, or Medicaid policy.

Life Insurance Image_Transparent.png

Life Insurance

Life insurance offers peace of mind as it provides the same standard of living for your loved ones; those who depend on you financially, for a period of time following the event of your death.


Accident & Critical Illness Plans

Accidents and critical illnesses can come as a sudden, un-welcome event that may require time away from work, causing financial hardship for you and your family. There is a way to insure for specific type of losses.